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I gained quality muscle and strength from working with Rossano (Left). Early morning lifts that motivated and challenged me. - Todd P. (Right)
Loving my transformation. Everyday is a new day.  Being a work in progress at Body Morph makes me feel confident!  - Laura D.
I’ve been working out with Rossano since 2003. He was in charge of my 35 pound muscle gain and has also worked with me through some difficult obstacles in my life. I am a champ and Rossano makes sure I keep that mentality. -Ryan H
When I first came to Bodymorph, I was so overweight and most activity was a struggle. I was in my worst shape EVER! I began boot camp and had never experienced a physical activity like it. This was clearly not one of those “typical” gym regimens…this was the real deal. Rossano was dedicated to me sticking with the program and getting results. He was genuinely just as excited to see my progress as I was. He is the real stuff and I’m a new person today because of Bodymorph -Curlette M.
  • I’ve begun my second year of training with the Body Morph staff. The staff is supportive, friendly and inclusive. The workouts are varied and do introduce you to strength, aerobic, and flexibility activities. By mixing up your workouts, your body responds consistently to the varied challenges. I sleep better, have more stamina, and can think more effectively since I’ve made my Body Morph workouts a way of life. I also really enjoy the people that I work out with. Body Morph improves life! -Deborah Totzkay
  • I'm 66 years old.  I had suffered with arthritic knees for the last 8 years.  After my first session with Certified Personal Trainer, Melody Johnson at Body Morph, in Ferndale, that condition has been remedied.  I am continually impressed with Mel's work ethic and personality.  She makes workouts fun.  I'm recommending her to all, willing to listen.  The proof  is in the results!  I sincerely appreciate you, Mel. -Karen Anderson