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Founded in 2003 and built with passion, Body Morph is all about getting you results, and getting them fast.

Making the decision to workout regularly, is a feat in itself. The next step, is finding a gym that you can feel at home in, and of course you want to see the transformation. That’s what you can expect from BODY MORPH.

Everything is about our clients. From customizing music to fit your liking to being the only one in the room training. In order to get MAX RESULTS, it's all about the environment.

BODY MORPH allows you to be YOU and not be pressured by others or feel uncomfortable.  You've taken a huge let us take you the rest of the way. 


  • Full line of strength, stability and stretching equipment
  • Fully rubberized flooring, tile bathroom/shower, fresh drinking water, and towels
  • A large bay door that opens for fresh air
  • Disco ball and lights for the partying type
  • Outdoor seating area
  • On site parking
  • USMC Captain achieved 300/300 on Physical Fitness Test
  • Pontiac Fire Department successfully completed an 8 month workout program
  • Assisted in Charlie Sanders’ “Strongest Ever” at Ohio State and Detroit Lions recognition
  • Rated Best Gym in Detroit by Between the Lines newspaper
  • Owner, Rossano named “THE Trainer to see when in Detroit” by Allure
  • Over- 200 pound weight losses
  • Fox 2 “Get Fit” participants
  • Widely published articles on fitness/health
  • Non-profit organization benefiting those without the means for training and physical therapy
  • Currently implementing fitness programs, daily, to those who need an extra boost


  • Extreme weight loss, muscle toning/firming, muscle and strength gains, flexibility and motion
  • Overall athletic performance, speed enhancement, agility and strength training for amateur and professional athletes, taught by experts and former athletes
  • Large focus on posture and correctional exercises which align, lengthen, strength, and rehabilitate
  • Nutritional counseling and tasty recipe ideas from celebrity Chef and Nutritionist Michelle Bommarito
  • Pre and post-natal training, specifically designed programs in conjunction with the member’s physician’s recommendations
  • Large group or individual training
  • Nutrition consulting pertaining to fitness by Trainers and/or dietetic needs by a registered dietitian
  • Photo-shoot preparation
  • Sport-specific training (individual sports determined at time of class development)
  • Personal Training and Boot Camps for brides and grooms
Body Morph prides itself for focusing on specific avenues to getting our members in top form. We offer private fitness training, and nutritional counseling. We believe that a proper exercise program, good diet, and ample rest are the keys to building and maintaining a healthy body.