The Body Morph Staff

Rossano Rea – Owner/Founder

Bodymorph founder and owner, Rossano Rea, has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Rossano opened Bodymorph in 2003 and had already been training clients since 1998. He would open a facility that would cater to anyone who wanted the finest personal training experience imaginable.
His love for fitness began with his own need to increase muscular size for functional purposes, when he worked in the concrete business and realized he needed to pack on size. He, later, developed a love for anatomy and proportion. Rossano studied Exercise Science at Wayne State University and Santa Monica College. He became certified through the American Council on Exercise in 2001. In 2007, Rossano was named “The Trainer to see when in Detroit”, by Allure. He has also been featured in publications such as Pink, Between the Lines, The Detroit Free Press, Observer/Eccentric, The South End, and Vital, giving fitness advice. Rossano has worked as a model and has appeared in Seventeen and Cosmopolitan. He has competed in 2 bodybuilding shows and loves to help competitors with their losing routines and diet. Rossano loves all sports and believes we should be active EVERYDAY. He stresses proper form and a centered body. “This will keep you going forever”, he says. Motivation is a key aspect to weight training, he believes. “Many claim to be Trainers…few are”.
“I would LOVE to meet and work with you. Call me and we can talk about your goals”. Rossano specializes in weight loss, diet counseling, muscle/strength gains, agility/speed/performance, and lifestyle changes. He is available to train in the Los Angeles and Adjacent Valleys,and in Detroit when he visits.

Leah Phillips – Lead Trainer

Leah, Detroit Personal Trainer As a personal trainer, Leah’s goal is to motivate and provide the drive her clients need to succeed. Her workouts are designed with the client’s specific goals in mind. No workout is the same and her clients see REAL results!Specializing in:

  • Weight Loss and Control
  • Muscle Firming and Sculpting
  • Excellent Motivator

Melody Johnson – Personal Trainer

melody I am a Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA International Sports Sciences Association) and additionally I teach, Kickboxing, Group Ex, and Boot Camps. Fitness is my passion. I am enthusiastic and love to teach people how to get in shape and make sure they are leading an optimal life. I am in love with running and weightlifting. The bond that happens when my clients understand the journey of fitness is priceless to me.I get to see them transform right before my eyes. There is nothing like It. I have been training and assisting clients for over 7 years. Let me show you how to be the best you that you can be; Whether its sports training, weight loss, strength training etc.Let’s go!

Damon Fueri – Personal Trainer

damon As a certified personal trainer educated in sports medicine and corrective exercise, my mantra is “Move Your Body!” Fitness training is fun and rewarding. Stay active and the results you seek you shall realize.I am a runner and have completed more than 20 organized runs every year for more than 20 consecutive years. These events include ultra marathons, marathons, half marathons, triathlons, 10K and 5K events. I love fitness and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.I am a Senior Olympics Gold Medalist and the winner of about 100 1st place finishes since 1982. I devise a specific program with each individual and within each program, I do two things:

  • Ensure adheres to their training program with monitoring and reporting. I am persistent and will challenge someone who wants to be challenged. If my client wants to take it slow and not be monitored and/or continuously queried and measured, I can do that too. There are multiple professional ways to achieve fitness goals. The point is to have a plan and to be consistent long enough to achieve the desired results. Every person is different and there are multiple ways to succeed – as longs as one proceeds.
  • Motivate Being in shape is fun; and getting fit and sustain fitness is even more fun when you do the way I do it. Simply, it’s easy. The health benefits of being the proper weight for your body are enormous and the social rewards for looking good pay dividends in ways easy to imagine. I have fun as I get to know what you want and help you keep the vision of what you want in your mind.

I enjoy good food and have become somewhat skilled on proper nutrition for optimal fitness and weight loss.

If you are interested in speaking to me about your fitness goals. Call or text me at 248-910-1134 or email me


Michelle Bommarito – Nutrition Counselor

Bommarito is a graduate of The Institute of Culinary Education (New York, NY) and is accredited in the Culinary Arts. In addition to her culinary degree, she received a BSA in Marketing Management and a minor in Psychology from The University of Michigan.For the past 12 years, Bommarito has been Sole-Proprietor of her own company which designs and creates wedding cakes, cookies and fine pastries and offers an array of culinary and pastry courses.Although her name is synonymous with Wedding Cake Challenges on Food Network, in 2009 the energetic entrepreneur boldly stepped out of the pastry world to focus on her true passion…sharing culinary techniques to prepare “Energizing Super Power Foods.”Bommarito’s goal is to make a difference in the fight against obesity and various cancers, but, more importantly remind people to take better care of “you.”Her culinary accomplishments include working for Martha Stewart, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan and as a Personal Chef for Michael Jordan.By request, Bommarito travels extensively – both nationally and internationally – to offer healthy living classes, motivational speaking, culinary demonstrations, inspirational wedding cake design workshops and to judge competitions.Click here for customized nutrition plan information

Patrick Wheeler Jr. – Personal Trainer

Patrick Wheeler Jr Hey what’s up?! My name is Pat. A little bit about me. I work with the US Army and I’m a part time model. I have a degree from WSU in business and a NESTA personal training certification. I enjoy more than anything, to laugh and have a good time. However, my biggest passion in life is helping other people.Whether it’s helping the soldiers with the Army or helping someone get completely MORPHED into a whole new person at Body Morph! I’m also a huge sports fan! I’ve played sports my whole life which is why many of my workouts are inspired by my experience in sports. Wrestling and gymnastics have helped me design custom work outs to fit your needs. This includes dynamic workouts with a wide range of plyometrics, stretching, dancing, aerobics that will give your body the variety it needs to get MORPHED! My personal hobbies include reading, dancing and gymnastics. I’ve always been a motivator at heart which is why I’m devastated when I walk into other gyms only to see so called “personal trainers” reading magazines and simply counting reps while training clients… pathetic! My job at Body Morph is to MOTIVATE! At Body Morph we take it to a whole new level and devote our lives to you! This includes, every personal fitness and health need you encounter while making workouts fun! The privacy and the exclusive L.A. style Gym ambience that Body Morph brings is a “one of a kind” experience. Call me today and see how I devote my life to your fitness needs! Friends, don’t go unnoticed! Hurry in before you let another season pass! Call me at 1-586-883-3892 for a free consultation!