Let Bodymorph Design YOUR Perfect Weight Loss Diet

Are you unhappy with the way you look, feel, and eat? Are you unaware of WHAT and WHEN to put certain foods in your body?

The answer to this is a diet plan from Bodymorph. We are with you every step of the way and will make sure you know what it is you are eating, why you’re eating it, and when to eat it. You can’t expect to just workout and not eat right, or the other way around. It involves BOTH proper nutrition and a good exercise regimen.

What BodyMorph does for YOU:

  • Meet with member to discuss current dietary habits
  • Go over the member’s goals
  • Go over any restrictions and consult physician if necessary
  • A comprehensive analysis of everything our member has eaten and had to drink over a 2 day period
  • Develop a detailed strategy for our member that is most appropriate for them
  • Have a final meeting to discuss and execute the plan!

Weight Loss Diet Plans Include:

  • Caloric requirements
  • Sample meal outline
  • Timing (what and when)
  • Helpful “tricks of the trade”

Cost: $200 and includes a total of 1 hour consultation and a detailed suggested program

*Half payment is due as retainer and the remainder is due at final meeting.
**Bodymorph strives to educate its members about nutrition regardless of whether a plan is purchased.

The plan is intended for those who need more help and guidance.

Disclaimer: Bodymorph’s diet plans are not intended to diagnose or treat. These are suggestions and we recommend consulting your physician before undergoing any program.

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